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Do you dream to build a career and life abroad? Looking for a work visa is the way for it.

A work visa is simply called an Employment visa, which allows individuals to land in another country for employment. Apex TG India assists candidates looking for immigration via work visa. We have our own in-house staffing agency and an expert visa team to provide the relevant guidance on documentation, interview preparation, and selection of jobs.

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Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd.
Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd.

Why work visa?

  • A work visa is needed to enter the country for employment purposes or to perform paid work.
  • Work visas may also be needed for volunteering and unpaid internships at any foreign organization.
  • The rules to obtain work visas are different depending on the country of issue.

Supporting documentation for a work visa application usually includes:

  • Work experience certificates from the previous employers
  • Offer Letter from the employer in the destination country.
  • Academic qualifications documents
  • professional qualifications document.

6 Easy Steps To Get Your Dream Job Abroad

Apex has well-organized the steps involved in getting a work visa to make your process smoother and easier. Our process is aimed at making your profile more accessible, attractive, and engaging to impress the employer.

Working in a foreign country can improve your lifestyle and career. Working in a foreign country is an excellent way to increase your personal and professional networking and exposes you to new opportunities & collaborations.

  • Grow your career and international contacts.
  • Earn more money & foreign exchanges.
  • World-class education & healthcare facilities to enjoy.
  • Access to citizen benefits in your working country.
Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd.

Popular Work Destinations

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