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Introduction of Blockchain

Blockchain-works in blocks, a block in a Blockchain is cluster of data and is a ledger spread across the network among all peers in the network, and each peer holds a copy of it. We at Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. provides the best Blockchain training in Noida.

Blockchain is a technology that underpins digital currency, this allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied. It has reduced the burden of an induvial or companies by making the transaction process instantaneous without the need of middle man.

Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. is the best training institute in Noida which provides the best training of Blockchain, Blockchain is completely secure and keep records of what happened. It is still in its emerging form which means there are many use cases which are still being tested.

Why one should learn Blockchain ? So the answer to this question is very simple, Internet has given us the age of information, and Blockchain has given us the age of digital ownership. Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. provides the best training of Blockchain in Noida. A Blockchain is a decentralized, often times public, distributed, digital ledger which is used to record transactions across many computers. And, we are having the best developers of Blockchain which makes us the best training institute in Noida.

It is a fresh form of digital technology that generally prevails independently, it also work as a public record transactions between users.

In coming future Blockchain could be the most high paying job, and there will be lots of industries which will be depending on Blockchain.

  • Blockchain Privacy, Security and Confidentiality, as we all know security, privacy and confidentiality is very essential for a business, Blockchain provides high security maintain its privacy and keeps the data Confidential.
  • Hyper ledger Fabric, it’s a flexible framework of Blockchain that is changing the Business World and it has become the de facto standard for organization Blockchain platform.

We are having one of the best trainers and developers in Noida for Blockchain with quality of live project exposure.

Blockchain Training in Noida

  • What is Blockchain?
  • History of Blockchain
  • Explaining Distributed Ledger
  • Blockchain ecosystem
  • Explaining Distributed Ledger

  • Private/Consortium/Permission-less
  • Public/Permissioned implementation difference
  • What Blockchain has to offer across Industry?
  • Companies currently using Blockchain
  • Overview of what we are going to study in this course

  • Mining -Mining algorithm
  • Node, peer and block explanation
  • Merkle tree and Blockchain
  • Consensus Mechanisms- proof of work , proof of stake
  • How Bitcoin Blockchain works?
  • What is Transaction?

  • Ethereum : Blockchain with smart contract
  • What is Ether?
  • Bitcoin vs Ethereum Blockchain
  • What is Ethereum wallet?
  • What is Smart Contract?
  • Ethereum clients
  • Geth Introduction
  • Setting up Private Blockchain using Geth

  • Introduction to solidity
  • Hands on solidity
  • Understand and implement different usecases
  • Implement and deploy smart contract on Blockchain

  • Setting up the environment
  • Tools to install – Truffle , Metamask ,Testrpc
  • Implement and deploy your first Dapp
  • Different usecases for implementation of Dapp

  • Talk about the future of the Blockchain
  • What is Hyperledger?
  • What is Hashgraph?
  • Discussion on current research on Blockchain
  • Understand current industry challenges and needs
  • Conclude the course
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