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Introduction of AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework for building dynamic web applications. You may use it to enhance HTML's syntax and utilize HTML as your template language to represent your application's components quickly and unambiguously. Data binding and dependency injection in AngularJS reduce the amount of code you would otherwise have to write. And because everything actually occurs within the browser, it is the perfect complement to any server technology.

The popular front-end framework Angular is suitable for use with Java and PHP and can properly accommodate the kind of back-end development. The framework, which only uses the JavaScript programming language, enables the use of HTML expressions. Due to the rapid increase in popularity of Angular 9, 10, and 11, many MNCs and corporate giants are actively seeking to recruit Angular JS web developers in order to boost their companies to new heights.

Why Choose Apex TG India For Angular JS Training?

Candidates will learn how to design components, directives, template-driven forms, routing, and other elements for sophisticated data-centric (enterprise) applications through a combination of presentations and hands-on exercises. By updating your knowledge and abilities with the most recent Angular version, this Angular JS training course at Apex TG India will advance your profession. In addition, to train you in the fundamentals of JavaScript and typescripts, our primary goal in providing Angular JS training is to assist you in thoroughly understanding how Angular functions and operates. You will be trained by experienced industry experts and have a professional advantage over other candidates from a career perspective as we provide 100% placement assistance to every candidate who enrolls with us.


Start by configuring the application and becoming familiar with the views, controllers, and built-in instructions. From there, this Angular JS training course will teach you about filters, including how to use them cleverly and how to make your own. The Apex TG India AngularJS training program covers advanced scope, directives, and directive communication channels, routing, and promises. The last thing you will learn is how to communicate with servers and third-party libraries. You will have the skills and expertise required to work with the AngularJS framework after finishing this computer-based training course. You may track the author's progress through the classes by using the provided working files.

AngularJS Training in Noida

  • Basic JavaScript
  • DOM and BOM
  • Intervals and Objects
  • Prototype, Hoisting and Closure
  • Let, Const , Arrow , Class and Inheritance
  • Map, Filter, Reduce , Template Literals
  • forEach, for-in, for-of loop.

  • Why Typescript
  • Basic Types
  • Class and Interfaces
  • Modules

  • Real-time environmental setup

  • What is Angular
  • What is SPA
  • Comparison between different versions
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Key features

  • Node /NPM
  • Angular CLI
  • Setup Project
  • Directory Structure
  • Code Editors
  • How Angular Application Boot

  • What is Module
  • Decorator
  • NgModule
  • Core Module
  • Bootstrapping
  • Shared Modules

  • Introduction to Components
  • Component Architecture Patterns
  • Metadata
  • State and Behaviors

  • Template Expression or Interpolation Data Binding (Event ,Property , Two Way)
  • *ngIf , *ngFor , *ngSwicth
  • Built-in Structural and Attributes Directive

  • Built-in Pipes
  • Custom Pipes

  • Routes , RouterModule , routerLink Child Routing
  • Params
  • Guards

  • Structured Directives
  • Attribute Directives

  • Template Driven
  • Reactive Form
  • Custom Validators

  • Observable vs Promise
  • Network Call
  • HTTP Request | Response

  • Introduction to Services
  • Building a Service
  • Dependency Injections
  • Injectors and Providers

  • Component LifeCycle
  • All LifeCycle Hooks

  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage
  • Cookies

  • @Input()
  • @Output() with EventEmitter
  • @Viewchid()
  • Shared Service
  • Subject

  • Introduction to Server-Side Rendering
  • Angular Universal

  • Introduction to Testing
  • Unit Testing with Karma and Jasmine

  • Angular Material
  • PrimeNG

  • Social Login
  • Pagination
  • Search
  • Filter
  • JWT Token
  • File Upload
  • Many More

  • Build Application
  • Deploy in Heroku
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