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Doctorate Courses

  1. PhD in Physcology
  2. This degree teaches many different components of psychology, including perception, cognition, neuroscience, and behavior. While PhD in Psychology programs tend to have more of a research focus than their Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) counterparts, PhD programs can also prepare students for licensure in applied psychology as they fulfill most states’ minimum educational requirements for clinical licensure.

  3. PhD in Education
  4. A PhD in Education usually requires coursework and a dissertation for the degree to be awarded. Areas of specialization for PhD in Education programs may include educational policy, educational psychology, curriculum and teaching, or educational administration, to name a few.

  5. PhD in Sociology
  6. The Ph. D. in sociology program is based on advanced training in research methods, statistical inference, and sociological theory. It provides a sociological viewpoint for students that allows practitioners in all fields to consider the social forces influencing work and how organizations function.

  7. PhD in Medical Science
  8. The course and syllabus of PhD in Medical Sciences are designed to encompass research, dissertation, and thesis. You would cover multiple medicine fields, such as epidemiology, neurology, genetics, etc., along with non-clinical subjects.

  9. PhD in IT
  10. PhD in Computer Science and Information Technology is a research-oriented course which deals with the study of Software, Software Installation, Trouble Shooting the errors, Rectifying the error etc.

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