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PR is one of the top-searched visas in the market because of the benefits & status it provides to an immigrant in a country. You can avail all the freebies and facilities that a domestic citizen enjoys. A PR visa holder can get citizenship status upon meeting all the eligibility requirements of that country. Every country has its own procedure to apply for Permanent residency.

Apex TG India not only assists candidates to achieve their PR goals but also supports them with the correct documentation so that you can save your time and hard-earned money. Our global team support candidates to evaluate their profile so that if they require enhancement on it, they can do it at the right time. APEX provides full guidance for the entire PR visa obtaining process. We hold 15y+yrs of experience which can be an advantage in making your dreams & ambitions come true.

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Our expert visa officers profile the candidates through the following process-

PR point calculation

PR Point Calculation

Submission of application

Submission of Application

Embassy decision

Embassy Decision

For detailed information fill out the inquiry form and feel free to reach out to our Permanent Resident experts at +91-9990060296 or write your queries related to Permanent Resident at

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