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Introduction of Azure

Azure is a Microsoft product which can be defined as the cloud system built especially for business units. It is known for its flexible, open and secured platform that enables every user to access a large collection of services accommodating various languages and operating systems. Once organizations use the Azure for their business, you can easily get a hold of world-class tools that guides in accelerating the delivery capabilities of a business concern. It is in itself is a very powerful cloud system that offers increased adaptability and versatile features. It comes with a large number of data centres and transportation focuses that helps in moving the content with a fast speed and process ideal client encounter. Azure Training in Noida is ideal for the aspirants who want to build up a new career in the cloud computing field. Moreover, those who want to pace up on the path of their existing career can also seek advantage of the certification and go ahead on their career road by getting certified. The certification creates a lot of opportunities for the aspirants, if adopted seriously.

Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Noida
  • Flexibility: Applications that run proficiently, genuinely and scale from numerous clients can be made with simple coding by utilizing. Azure Storage gives flexible, secure, and performance-efficient storage advantages in a cloud. It winds up plainly more straightforward to modify settings and use more processors for the application to use.
  • Cost-effective :With Microsoft's huge customer base, they have been able to pass volume discounts on to their customers. And it's good that Azure Certification costs will go down as the competition is with Amazon AWS and Google. Moreover, Azure works off a pay-as-you-go model, which decreases the upfront costs to small businesses and those that will be signing a contract can receive an additional enterprise discount from Microsoft.
  • Security Offerings: Security Development is a security process on which it has been planned. It contains security at its centre while private information and services remain sheltered on Cloud. Additionally, it is the new era to grasp the new worldwide standard for Cloud security. In this manner, Microsoft ensures the best regarding the well-being of all information on the Cloud and so Microsoft certification.
  • Profitability: It cuts down the companies expenses to a base as the foundation is managed by Microsoft itself. It allies data centres to the cloud easily like no other cloud supplier. Every part of the organization's infrastructure will be kept up on the cloud by the experts with 24*7 available help.
  • The candidate will learn to configure and deploy Web applications.
  • The candidate will learn to create and configure Virtual machines
  • The candidate also will be able to create and manage storage account, while handling blobs and containers present in it.
Azure for Students
  • Easily accessible to students.
  • Get free engineer tools.
  • Assemble abilities with learning ways and labs.
  • No MasterCard required.
  • Accessible to every person and students.
Why Training is Require?

The Microsoft Azure Training Institute in Noida focuses on designing and implementing architectures using this platform. Microsoft offers PaaS (Platform as a service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) services and does support many different programming languages, tools, and frameworks. This training provides the students with hands-on experience and makes them able to develop, enhance and deploy different-different applications on the Azure platform. This training platform provided by ducat also helps in providing specialization in cloud computing and prepares you to become a Microsoft Certified Professional. For getting Microsoft Certified you have to pass the Microsoft Azure Certification Exam. After the completion of this training, you will be able to create and manage Resource, manage identity, application and network services, and design and implement a storage and data strategy, etc.

Azure Training in Noida is really great advantage with respect to the advancement of the organization as well as self-knowledge and experience. In order to work with this technology the candidate must have a proficient knowledge of Azure Training. The training profits you too familiar with the development culture and optimizes the Windows Server workloads. To learn this technology in a fast and better way you must have the basic knowledge of Windows environment and cloud computing and you have to choose the Best Azure Training Company in Noida. The training at APEX T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. Noida develops the candidates as an expert in developing and managing the applications. The classroom training session is very helpful for the employees and learners like:

  • Windows Server administrators
  • IT specialists.
  • Database administrators.

Microsoft Azure Training in Noida acquaints the aspirants with this technology and afterward shows them how to deal with every situation. This training is also designed for experts & professionals who need to take in more about Cloud Computing. This course gives the proper and exact information that is required by every candidate who needs to assess the Azure.

Under this training, candidates will be learning the standards of distributed computing and will discover how these standards have been actualized. Besides, this training also demonstrates the student the way toward actualizing the centre framework, comprising of virtual systems and capacity. With this, candidates can also figure out how to make the most widely recognized management, Web Apps and SQL Databases. After the completion of this training, the student will be a specialist in:

  • Distributed Computing.
  • Creating VMs in Microsoft Azure.
  • Creating Azure Web Apps.
  • Azure virtual system.
  • Describing Azure stockpiling and Azure AD.
  • Describing and convey databases in Azure.
Why Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd.?

Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. Noida is one in all the leading IT Training & Professional Company in Delhi NCR. We have got a team of Best professionals who teaches students to learn Azure on live projects. We provide Quality Training in Noida to come up with deployable and expert professionals for the industry. We are certified partners with various Multi-National Companies (MNCs) and provide our students with professional certification. That is why we are the Best Azure Training Company in Noida.

  • Overview of On-premise infrastructure
  • The transition from On-premise to datacenter housing & managed data centres and finally to cloud
  • Overview of Cloud deployment models
  • Overview of Azure accounts and subscriptions
  • Overview of different admin roles - Account admins, Service admins and Co-Admins
  • Overview of different Azure portals
  • Azure account creation through Microsoft or Organization account.
  • Managing Azure through the Azure portal
  • Managing Azure through Azure Powershell
  • Azure Powershell basics

  • Overview of Azure networking and Vnet solutions
  • VNET implementation using the Azure portal
  • Network COnfiguration file
  • Affinity group and regional VNET
  • Azure DNS and its requirement
  • Azure Addressing
  • Cross-premises connectivity overview
  • Implementing Point to Site VPN gateway
  • Implementing Site to site VPN gateway using VNET to VNET gateway
  • VNET Peering
  • Express routing in Azure
  • VPN vs IP VPN

  • Overview of Azure Data services.
  • Azure storage account and creation
  • Azure storage account Redundancy models
  • Azure Storage account types
  • Overview and Implementation of Blob Storage through portal and PowerShell
  • Overview and Implementation of Table Storage through portal and PowerShell
  • Overview and Implementation of Queue Storage through portal and PowerShell
  • Overview and Implementation of File Storage through portal and PowerShell
  • Overview of Azure Backup and Backup Vault
  • Azure Backup components and differences between these components
  • Implementing Azure Site Recovery

  • Overview of Relational database.
  • Types of RDP service offering from Azure - IAAS and PAAS based
  • Azure SQL Database - Service Tiers
  • Overview of performance metrics
  • Implementing the Azure SQL database - Creation, security and monitoring\
  • Migration of MS SQL server database to Azure SQL database
  • Restoring a database
  • The provision, configure and manage the Azure SQL Database data­management service.
  • Manage data recovery and availability for Azure SQL Database.

  • Overview of Azure ASM model/Classic model
  • Planning and deploying Azure cloud services
  • Managing and maintaining cloud services
  • Configuring deployment slots and Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • Monitoring Cloud service
  • Configure PaaS cloud services by using configuration files or the Azure portal.
  • Differences between ARM and ASM deployment models

  • Overview of Azure ASM model/Classic model
  • Planning and deploying Azure cloud services
  • Managing and maintaining cloud services
  • Configuring deployment slots and Remote Desktop Protocol.
  • Monitoring Cloud service
  • Configure PaaS cloud services by using configuration files or the Azure portal.
  • Differences between ARM and ASM deployment models

  • Introduction to App Service
  • Planning app deployment in App Service
  • Implementing and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and WebJobs
  • Overview and implementation of Traffic manager
  • Select an App Service plan and deployment method for apps in Microsoft Azure
  • Use Microsoft Visual Studio, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) clients, and Azure PowerShell to deploy web and mobile apps to Azure
  • Configure web apps and use the Azure WebJobs feature to schedule tasks.
  • Use Azure Traffic Manager to distribute requests between two or more app services.

  • Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
  • Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium
  • Administering Active AD
  • Configuring SSO
  • Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Configuring SSO from a Windows 10–based computer that is joined to Azure AD
  • Extending on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure
  • Implementing directory synchronisation by using Azure AD Connect
  • Implementing federation
  • Configuring directory synchronisation
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