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Introduction of Joomla

Joomla is a powerful Content Management System and is compiled on ZEND framework. This ZEND framework will support you to pass the code in a detailed and secured way. So if your application is in need of more secure features, you will go for Joomla. It is an open-source CMS by means we can utilize the CMS at free of cost. But Joomla is next to WordPress in the world which is another popular open-source CMS.

Our Joomla training gives an easy and flexible approach to study the course efficiently. Our trainers are technically proficient in handling the CMS platform. They train you with all the requirements to maintain a website such as making and access, gallery management, exposure to other built-in features and extensions for great learning.

Apex is one of the best training institutes offering an effective course on CMS platforms. This Joomla Website Training help candidate learns about the installation, administration and the important features of using Joomla. If you would like to learn the best content management system, then join us and gain its extensive knowledge.

Who should take Joomla Course?

The Joomla course is designed for web designers, developers and beginners who want to learn Joomla, and for anyone looking to implement a web content management solution for personal or corporate business. It is best suitable for:

  • PHP Developers who desire to learn Joomla
  • Web developers looking to provide Joomla to their clients
  • Business People who want to create advanced, powerful Joomla websites
Joomla Training in Noida
What will you learn from this Joomla Training?

After the completion of Joomla Training, you will be able to:

  • Understand components, plugins, and modules.
  • Examine languages with core or extension language packs.
  • Implement Joomla libraries and template development techniques.
  • Publish content to your website with links, images, banners and more.
  • Learn about front-end and back-end template styles.
  • Customizing templates and plugin extension using PHP programming.
  • Working with Template, plugins and layout management.

  • Installing Xampp Server
  • Installing Joomla on Web Server

  • Joomla global configuration
  • Article manager
  • Archive manager
  • Frontpage manager
  • Section manager
  • Category manager
  • Media manager
  • Menu manager
  • Component manager
  • Content manager
  • Extensions manager
  • Module manager
  • Plugin manager
  • Template manager
  • How to install a new module
  • How to install a new template
  • How to install a new plugin
  • How to install a new component
  • Understanding the concept of joomla positions
  • Changing the layout structure by changing the module position

  • Understanding Basic Joomla Template
  • Customizing joomla template
  • Building Custom Joomla Template
  • Understanding Templatedetails.xml File
  • Creating Templatedetails.xml File using tmpl_builder
  • Linking Css
  • Linking Javascrpt
  • Understanding Include
  • Displaying Content in xhtml
  • Creating Template installation Package
  • Creating Custom Forms
  • Changing the Form Appearance using Css
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