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Introduction of Laravel

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Laravel is one of the most popular highly used, open-source PHP web frameworks based on MVC design patterns. It is free open-source software licensed under the MIT license. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

  • Laravel is the finest PHP-based framework and offers a quicker and more secure environment for development. It offers a standardized framework for developing high-performance websites and adheres to the MVC design.
  • Laravel is a PHP-based, open-source MVC framework.
  • Laravel is used to build backends, websites, and rest APIs.
What are the features of Laravel?
  • MVC Architecture Support
  • Flexible Routing Approach
  • Libraries and Modular
  • Inbuilt Command Line Tool Artisan
  • Inbuilt Authentication System
  • Inbuilt Unit Testing
  • Inbuilt Pagination
  • Multiple File Systems
  • Elegant and Expressive Syntax
  • Lightweight Innovative Template Engine
  • Effective ORM with PHP Active Record Eloquent
  • Pre-loaded Packages like Socialite, Passport, and Cashier
  • Fast Setup and Customization
  • Automated Features like CSRF, Validation, and Migrations
  • Incredibly Scalable
  • Simplified Mail System
  • Event and Command Bus
  • Fast and Distributed Cache Systems like Redis
Laravel Training in Noida
Why Apex TG India for Laravel Training?

You may master the basics of the Laravel framework by enrolling in the Apex T.G. India Laravel training course. You'll learn how to set up the framework and utilize its functions to create a website. You will learn how to establish a database, leverage the blade template system's primary templates, and successfully alter databases using migrations. The framework's controllers, routing, replies, and filters will be covered. As part of your course curriculum, make use of Laravel's capabilities to create highly responsive websites with the proper forms and authentications. Register for Laravel training at Apex T.G. India to receive affordable instruction from our highly skilled and knowledgeable experts on how to create highly scalable websites from scratch.

  • The Laravel framework and its installation and environment.
  • How to create Forms, gather user inputs and validate them.
  • Creating a database and using appropriate SQL statements to create tables and store data.
  • Use of jQuery and Ajax.
  • Performing appropriate authentication by effectively using encryption & decryption.
  • Deploying third-party service into the application.

  • Introduction of Laravel 9.x
  • Laravel 9.x MVC
  • Laravel 9.x routing
  • Installing Composer and Command line tool
  • Blade essentials
  • Resource Controllers
  • Laravel 9.x Route groups and filters
  • Working with Database
  • Eloquent CRUD
  • Laravel 9.x Query Builder
  • Eloquent relations
  • Laravel 9.x Migrations
  • Laravel 9.x Database Seeding
  • Forms and Validation
  • Setting up laravel form
  • Validation a form
  • Creating Admin Post Resource
  • Creating a Frontend
  • Setting up the Blog
  • Securing the admin panel
  • Handling routing
  • Establishing an HTML View
  • Creating Tables with Schema Builder
  • Enabling Version Control with Migrations
  • Querying with eloquent ORM
  • Displaying Laravel Code
  • Working with Blade Templating
  • Defining Conditions
  • Integrating form elements
  • Setting up Authentication
  • Creating a registeration form
  • Securing Content
  • Authenticating users in Laravel Application
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