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Introduction of AWS

Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading training companies delivering AWS Training in Noida sync with industry needs. This training will make you attain knowledge in the fundamentals of AWS cloud computing and gain proficiency in identifying terminologies and concepts in the AWS platform. You will also get a chance to learn to navigate the AWS Management Console and gain expertise in using services like EC2, S3, RDS, and EBS.

AWS (Amazon Web Service) is launched in 2006. An amazon course will help the user to provide low-cost services which doesn’t have any upfront cost. One need not to worry about the Security, Servers and Database as web services are easy to use has no capacity limits and thus provides speed and agility also it is secure and reliable. So, getting yourself enrolled in the best AWS training company in Noida will help you in an immense manner. Today more than a million pupils are using AWS service to perform faster than ever.

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Why You Should Choose Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. for AWS Training?

Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. is the training company which is certified by ISO 9001:2015 for its excellent quality training and experience. AWS Training in Noida is designed in such a way that students understand the technology from inside out. The training is suitable for both graduates as well as AWS professionals. It is also suitable for fresher’s who want to kick start their career.

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Join AWS Certification Course with 100% Job Placement Assistance

AWS Program in Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. is designed to prepare students for the job. This program will not only impart students with essential skills of AWS but will also provide them practical work on live projects. Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. makes sure that learners get individual attention from their trainers so that they can have deeper understanding of the technology. Trainers also clarify the doubts and conduct regular tests to ensure that each and every student has a clear-cut understanding of what they have studied. Hence, It will pave the way for their success. Once the process of AWS Course is complete, Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. will help its learners with placement assistance.

Scope of Amazon Web Service Training Program

There has been an increase in demand for software engineers who are well-accomplished in Amazon Web Services because of which companies are hiring the best candidates in the market with great skills. Thus, being professionally qualified and skilled in a technology increases the chances of fulfilling one's dream job. Thus, Apex T.G. India Pvt. Ltd. which is one of the Best Amazon Web Services Training Company in Noida provides 100% placement assistance for all its students enrolled in AWS training classes in Noida. Amazon Web Services Training is provided on weekdays and weekends both.

  • Regions
  • Availability Zones and Data Centers
  • AWS Credentials
  • Review of All AWS Services

  • Fundamental APIs: PUT, GET, LIST, DELETE
  • Consistency Model
  • Types of Consistency model for Distributed Storage
  • S3’s consistency Model
  • Really Understanding Eventual Consistency
  • S3 Namespace
  • Access Control List
  • Bucket Policy
  • Presigned URL
  • Multipart Upload
  • Understanding Pricing for S3

  • Data encryption with S3
  • Multipart upload
  • Understanding Pricing for S3
  • Data encryption with S3
  • AWS Import/Export Service
  • Server Side Logging
  • Versioning of Data in S3
  • Architecture case study of Common Use Cases of S3

  • EC2 Architecture
  • EC2 Instance types
  • Hardware differences:OnDemand Instances Reserved Instances
  • Spot Instances
  • Data Persistence Models
  • Amazon Elastic Block Storage(EBS)
  • Amazon Machine Image(AMI)
  • S3 AMI
  • EC2 Security Model
  • Security Credentials
  • Signon Credentials
  • Key pairs
    • X.509 Certificate
    • Access keys
    • EC2 Security Groups
    • Instance Addressing
    • Generating Custom AMIs
    • Working with EC2 Console
    • Monitoring Instances with Amazon Cloud Watch
    • Amazon Elastic IP
    • Hands on:Hosting an Application on EC2

  • Amazon RDS Components
    • DB Instances
    • Regions and Availability Zones
    • Security Groups
    • DB Parameter Groups
    • DB Option Groups
  • Available RDS Interfaces
    • Amazon RDS Console
    • Command Line Interface
    • Programmatic Interfaces
  • How You Are Charged for Amazon RDS
  • Monitoring an Amazon RDS DB Instance
  • Oracle on Amazon RDS
  • MySQL on Amazon RDS
  • Microsoft SQL Server on Amazon RDS
  • PostgreSQL on Amazon RDS

  • Fundamentals of a Load Balancer
  • Starting a Load Balancer Instance
  • Sticky Sessions
  • SSL termination on ELB

  • Architecture of Cloud Watch
  • APIs and Use Cases
  • Scanned metrics
  • Custom metrics

  • Understanding Auto Scaling
  • Auto scaling Fundamentals
  • Setting up auto Scaling rulesata

  • Deep Drive into AWS Networking Infrastructure
  • VPC Networking Fundamentals
  • Private and Public Subnets
  • Allocation of IP Addresses
  • CIDR Notation
  • Elastic Network Interface(EIN)
  • Routing inside VPC
  • Network Address Translation(NAT)
  • Internet Gateways
  • Configuring Routes
  • VPN tunnels to VPC

  • Understanding IAM
  • Groups and Users
  • Application “Roles” in IAM
  • Access Policies
  • Federated Authentication on IAM

  • Deep Drive on DNS Architecture
  • Using Route53 for your Domain Name
  • Creating Name Server Entries
  • Setting up Health Checks

  • Master – Slave Configuration
  • Master – Master Configuration
  • Weighted Round Robin
  • Geo-location Aware Routing

  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Understanding the Cloud Formation template sub-sections
  • Generating template for our Infrastructure
  • Deploying using Cloud Formation

  • CDN Fundamentals
  • Using Cloud Front for Public Data
  • Using Cloud Front for Access Controlled Data
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