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Why WordPress is better than other CMS?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system created in the hypertext pre-processor language and used in conjunction with a MySQL or MariaDB database that supports HTTPS. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system known as "Themes" in WordPress.

WordPress was originally intended more for creating blogs than more conventional websites, but updates to the core code and the platform's enormous ecosystem of plugins and themes now allow us to use WordPress to build any kind of website. It's understandable why WordPress has the lion's share of the CMS market. It is the finest choice for businesses in many aspects because it is easy to use, incredibly flexible, and configurable. Simple blogs, eCommerce sites, multisite publications, and SaaS systems can all be built on the WordPress platform.

Key Benefits of WordPress for building a website:

  • Easy Administration & Installation Process.
  • Excellent Plugins and Add-ons Widgets.
  • Easy-to-use Search Engine Optimization Experience.
  • Scaling and Flexibility Integrated into your Website.
  • WordPress-managed Hosting & Security.
  • Busy and Energetic Community Support.

Let's take a brief look at WordPress' main CMS rivals. We shall learn why WordPress is superior to each of them because they each have their own pros, drawbacks, and distinguishing characteristics.

WordPress vs Drupal

WordPress is more flexible and scalable than Drupal, but it is a little less secure. It also has a lower learning curve. However, Drupal demands a lot more technical know-how, so it might not be the greatest option for a publisher that needs to create material frequently.

WordPress vs Joomla

While WordPress began as a blogging platform and Joomla as a CMS created primarily for portal websites, WordPress is better than Joomla in terms of content management, customization capabilities, and SEO. This is why it outperforms Joomla in every way.

WordPress vs Magento

Magento is an open-source, highly extendable e-commerce platform created to assist users with at least rudimentary web programming skills in setting up and expanding an online business. WordPress is a flexible content management system that appeals to users of various technological backgrounds. Although it lacks the default functionalities needed to build an online store, plugins like WooCommerce make it simple to add such functions which makes it better and easy to use.

We now know the fundamental major distinctions and benefits of WordPress over the primary WordPress rivals. There are several content management systems for your company to pick from, but WordPress is the best one! With one click, you may get extensive WordPress training and related material. Apex TG India wants to raise the status of your WordPress education and training. We make sure you have enough practice with the site's theme, architecture, and page speed so you may achieve good results and learn how to utilize WordPress.

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