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Which Country Offers the Easiest Permanent Residency

People may opt to apply for permanent residency in nations other than the ones they are citizens of for a number of reasons. Immigrants may believe it is simple or difficult to obtain PR depending on the qualifying requirements and procedures in each country. In comparison to other nations, certain countries make it simpler to get permanent residency. An individual can retain their citizenship while residing lawfully in another country if they have permanent residency. Although they enjoy many of the same rights as citizens, but permanent residents are not eligible to vote or become candidates for public office. Sometimes obtaining permanent status may result in tax advantages.

Obtaining PR in any country depends on a number of factors, including the climate, the dominant religion or culture, and the political-social environment. Immigration regulations of the destination country are simply one factor in determining how difficult it may be to immigrate there as well as the country of origin also has a significant impact. However, in this section, we'll discuss the countries that allow Indian citizens the simplest paths to permanent residence.


Canada is one of the world's safest, most peaceful, joyful, and economically secure nations. It is recognized for both its exceptional natural beauty and its friendly residents. English-speaking individuals acclimatize very well, and the government has established a number of programs that enable foreigners to seek residency and eventually citizenship.

The most popular choice is the Express Entry program, which expedites the application process for foreigners with desirable employment qualifications. Additional measures that ease immigration are available to those who have a Canadian family, a job offer, or a commitment to invest at least $125,000 CAD in a firm they want to develop or acquire.

Benefits of Immigrating to Canada-

  • In Canada, there are ethnic and cultural representations from almost every country in the globe.
  • Canada consistently rates itself as one of the nicest countries in the world to live in, according to the United Nations.
  • Applications for permanent residency in Canada are accepted by international students with Canadian credentials and job experience.
  • Some of the best academic universities and research facilities in the world are located in Canada.


For immigrants who have ever fantasized about bettering their standard of living and wanting to live in a modern, fast-paced nation, Australia is the best choice because of its great quality of life and unparalleled natural beauty. Australians manage to strike the ideal mix between fun and effective work. Living in Australia implies having access to opportunities; it is a youthful, open, multicultural nation with a constantly expanding economy.

Those who want to become Australian citizens have a wide range of options. In regard to the Global Talent Visa and Temporary Skill Shortage Visa, the government also administers a variety of other programs. Additionally, applicants for residency must be under 50, possess the required credentials, and meet additional requirements.

Benefits of Immigrating to Australia-

  • Job opportunities
  • Freedom to work
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Geographical surroundings
  • Excellent culture
  • Quality living standards
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